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Clifton's Cafeteria is down to solely two locations in all of Southern California. Moreover, making an attempt to find a Las Vegas vogue buffet in Los Angeles has continuously been quite challenging.

There are some which will offer you the texture of Las Vegas, although actually not the quantity. As for quality, Hometown Buffet seems to return the closest to an average mid-level Las Vegas buffet; but, again with quite an abbreviated spread. I have been to both, and additionally the West Valley Canoga Park location, although in an exceedingly better neighborhood, was not as good as the East Valley Van Nuys one. It simply opened only a few years ago during a looking center right on Van Nuys Blvd.

Clifton's Cafeteria

Think regarding it: You'll terribly doubtless be dining in the identical place your automotive was built. Conjointly, I've got noticed that there are slightly completely different food choices between the East Valley and West Valley "Hometown" stores.

Original Clifton's Cafeteria video - before remodel

The East Valley location has additional ethnic and Mexican cuisine, like cheese enchiladas and menudo. I sometimes have very little to do with buffet servers since you are just about helping yourself. But, if cleanliness is crucial; the Van Nuys location is newer and immaculate. I think it is best to go at the beginning of lunch, that is at a. This can be my favorite time to go since everything is contemporary and clean.

At any buffet, things can get disorderly and raveled as the day wears on. Prices: There're completely different costs for the lunch and dinner times yet because the weekend buffets.

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Senior citizens get a group discount along with a weekly raffle for two free 'anytime' passes. Children costs are based on their age, that is nice if you have a large family or are taking different children with you. Do you get your moneys value? It all depends on how much you can eat, the varieties of food you prefer [meat, bakes potato bar, salads etc] and how busy the restaurant is after you visit.

For me, I suppose it's a sensible price however it's not the kind of place to go if you're in the mood for a 'burger and fry' type of meal. Prices vary across Southern California so some locations may be a greenback less or a lot of than others. Things To Recognize: If you know someone that loves Hometown Buffet you can give them a present certificate which will be made use of at any of the chain supported buffets. You'll be able to also purchase bulk meal vouchers if you're coming up with on dining with a large cluster of people [tours, family reunions, birthday gatherings etc].

Offer the vouchers to the attendees therefore they will arrive at their convenience and not have to stress about paying to enter the restaurant or interrupting your meal to own you checked off the list of guests.

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The Bottom Line: I am sure that there're better buffets than Hometown and I understand for a fact that there are worse. The food isn't connoisseur quality however it is freshly cooked and restocked repeatedly. Before grabbing a tray and filling it with comfort food, stop by the modest stone chapel on the mezzanine, and listen to a recorded voice musing on the magic to be found in the woods.

A young Ray Bradbury later author of The Martian Chronicles and Farenheit attended science-fiction club meetings under the moose head. Be sure to trek upstairs to the red room, lined with vintage memorabilia and the original blueprints for the Sherbert Mine, a strange contraption that delivered ice-cream scoops from the basement. In the early s, these modest art-deco storefronts were the starting point for a social, musical, artistic and fashion revolution spearheaded by Vito Paulekas , a something sculptor and dancer.

The community of self-professed "freaks" that formed around Vito, his fashion designer wife Szou and court jester Carl "Captain Fuck" Franzoni, included a who's who of 60s youthquakers: The Byrds got their start in the basement, Love's Bryan MacLean lived upstairs, and the Fonda kids learned how to dance freak-style. Paulekas left town around the time of the Manson killings, but today you can work out above the former site of Szou's dress shop and Vito's basement art studio in Harvey Easton's historic gymnasium, founded in and long a favourite of Hollywood's athletic set.

The site is one of the highlights of Esotouric's Where the Action Was rock history tour - Carl Franzoni once got on the bus with the visitors, and then proceeded to demonstrate free-form dance moves on the sidewalk.

Yes, the books all say that Beth "Black Dahlia" Short was last seen alive in the Biltmore Hotel, but Esotouric's Real Black Dahlia tour explains that she actually continued her last night in the old Crown Grill, a lowdown Olive Street bar where Beth would regularly play third wheel on her girlfriends' dates with married guys. The Crown Grill is long gone, but in its place is Club Galaxy, one of a surprising number of taxi-dance halls to survive in downtown LA.

It hasn't been a dime-a-dance for a long time and mariachi CDs have replaced the swing bands, but, if you've got 50 bucks to blow, exploring the last place Beth was seen alive can be a memorable experience. Bizarre religious nonconformity has been a part of LA culture for a long time, but The Aetherius Society - a modest row of pink bungalows in the heart of Hollywood - is one of the oddest examples.

LA's top 10 cult locations | Travel | The Guardian

Founded in by the late George King , a yogi and human channel for cosmic wisdom, Aetherius is based upon a message of intergalactic peace that was conveyed through King by an extraterrestrial Christ, making it the first of the UFO religions. Public service is the main goal, with members engaging in prayer sessions where healing energy is stored in batteries until it can be released towards international crisis zones. Today all are welcome to attend lectures and prayer meetings, where they can watch a film of deep-space imagery synced to the alien voice of Christ, and then browse in the gift shop for sacred mountain memorabilia and tapes of King's lectures.

When bad civic planning lopped the top off old Bunker Hill 50 years ago, taking the city's grandest decaying Victorian homes and its beloved funicular Angels Flight with it, everyone said the Hill's "breadbasket" would soon follow. But the sprawling, block-wide Grand Central Market defied the cynics, and today you can still roam its wide aisles stocking up on fruit, spices and obscure cuts of meat, watching the passing crowd and enjoying wandering minstrels.

Most vendors prepare quick, cheap meals - Mexican, Salvadoran or Chinese - and, near the Broadway entrance, there's a liquor stall doing a hearty trade in fortified wine.

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Buy an orange in memory of Bunker Hill novelist John Fante , who worked as a busboy in the lost Fay building now the market's parking lot and relied on the kindness of Japanese fruit vendors when broke. Long ago, the building was a scenic shop where architectural backgrounds for early cinematic spectaculars were painted. Since , it's been home to puppeteering visionary Bob Baker and his rotating crew of young apprentices, who have created thousands of the most astonishing string-controlled creatures imaginable, from singing watermelons to skeletal showgirls, day-glo space monsters to afro'd disco divas.

Each daily performance is a time capsule into whichever year a particular show was crafted, with pop culture references, vintage musical cues and the lost artistry that makes objects of wood, foam, feathers and felt seem as alive as the kid kneeling on the rug to your left. Every show ends with a stop in the candy-striped party room, for complementary ice cream eaten with a wooden stick. You've seen it in a hundred films, the cool white Spanish-cum-deco walls of the last great train station built in the US The name denotes the reality: after a fight that lasted decades, LA's corrupt city government managed to force independent rail companies Union Pacific, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific to unite their tracks.

Of course, they first had to evict the Chinese citizens whose neighbourhood was on the land, shifting them three blocks west to a Disney-esque, neon-striped "New Chinatown" noticeably lacking in Old Chinatown's signature amenities: opium dens, whorehouses and gambling halls. Use it as a transit hub, or just drop in and rest your feet in one of the trademark deep leather benches. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.